Hook Master C

Essentially a self-taught crocheter, I would watch my mom make sweaters for my sister and me and outfits for our Cabbage Patch Kids (yeah, that's right). After imitating a chain stitch, I used patterns to learn how to make other stitches. Oddly, I believe my mimicking of my mom led me to mirror what she was doing and I now crochet left handed, something that I never even realized I was doing! I can knit, if you make me, but prefer crochet. I could spend hours in a good yarn shop, but also enjoy making things from fabric, including rag rugs and place mats. I always have at least 5 different crochet projects in process and also enjoy anything having to do with Sharpies (the markers, this is not a typo for a dog breed). I love creating fonts, adoring shoes and I am fluent in Aresti!
Drop Hook Master C a line at: HookMasterC@stitchitlikeyoustoleit.com