C. Knitty

I think I started crocheting when I was about 10. Attracted to my mother’s shiny crochet hooks I asked her to show me how to use them. I would make fuzzy chains that went on forever. I hardly remember learning any other stitches but I think it was sometime in college that I started seriously hooking. Having learned to knit just a few years ago I am sometimes torn between the two yarn sports and always have several works in progress. I also enjoy creating and sharing ATCs with my family, needle felting, making jewelry and sock monsters…I take up a new creative hobby just about every week! I have a passion for books stores, office supplies, fine caramel lattes, and trying to get my five year old daughter (aka: Lil’ Knit) interested in yarn. I am also lucky enough to be a fo' real published crochet pattern designer!
Drop C. Knitty a line at: C.Knitty@stitchitlikeyoustoleit.com