Saturday, October 8, 2011

Downtown M-town = TAGGED!

Nice night for a yarn bombing! Lots of folks enjoying the unusually warm night on Main Street, M-town (my hometown)... Nice cover from the parked cars... Lil' Knit as my accomplice and D-Hook takin' pics. How lucky I am! Who else can say they take their whole family on a tagging adventure?!
Let the tagging begin... we tagged 3 parking meters in all. 

Lil' Knit lends a hand

I think Lil' Knit is inspecting my stitches... they were not so good so we opted for zip ties!

Trying to stay Incog-knit-o for the camera ;-)
We plan to return to the scene of the crime to take some full view pics with the fountain behind. Hope the water is running... it will look awesome!


  1. I've been thinking that M-Town needed more fiber!



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